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Neurodiversity in the workplace



8th December



10.30am – 12.30pm




Managers, HR specialists, Employee relations personnel, other professionals working in policy development

Increasingly, those with Neurodiversity are presenting for therapy. In employment there has been a significant increase in individuals who are neurodiverse, experiencing significant difficulties interpersonally and many end up entering HR processes. This webinar aims to highlight the presentation of those who are neurodiverse, how the workplace can successfully work with their weaknesses and strengths, how to intervene early and effectively to avoid escalation of difficulties. It will focus on the differences that neurodiverse individuals present with including interpersonally, emotionally and behaviourally – as well as highlight their often underused superpowers!

This webinar will focus on what neurodiversity is and how it presents. We will look at the presentation of Asperger’s Disorder and ADHD and explore common characteristics. The practical implications of neurodiversity and management strategies will be discussed enhancing the organisation’s ability to support and respond to employees who are neurodiverse. Increasingly, companies have an inclusion policy – this webinar provides training in how to implement it!

Join us for this progressive webinar, delivered by Leeward Clinical CEO & Director Dr. Fiona Weldon – and make inclusivity matter, productivity increase, and interpersonal battles ebb away.  See more about Dr. Weldon.

Limited numbers of attendees, book by November 30th to secure a place at the early bird price!

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