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Personality disorders – creating meaning from the label



4th December



10.30am – 12.30pm




Assistant Psychologists, Trainee Psychologists (clinical/ counselling/ forensic), psychotherapists, counsellors, probation, nursing staff)

Join Dr. Weldon for a webinar exploring the clinical presentation of personality disorders – and working with those who have a diagnosis of Personality Disorder!

Long held as clinically challenging, and notoriously chronic, Personality Disorders include those presenting with long held beliefs, entrenched behaviours, and specific emotional regulation challenges.  From the Narcissistic presentation, to Dependent, Depressive, Paranoid and Antisocial – these are some of the Personality Disorders we will be examining.

Aimed towards those who work with individuals with Personality Disorder (directly or indirectly) the focus will be on looking at the characteristic presentation of different Personality Disorders, what that means in terms of therapeutic work with them, how to hold clients with these presentations, and how to self care when working in this area.

Limited numbers of attendees – book by November 30th to secure a place at the early bird price!

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